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In greek mythology athena was a godess of wisdom. But here Athena (also known as is a LINQ to flickr API that let you query and make changes to flickr photo stream with the first-class query syntax called LINQ. it can be used to query (search by tag, literal or user) , insert or delete photos, add/ delete comments, query popular tags, people, do authenticaton and more by an easy way thus making app building joyful.

Current release is way too old, please download the latest version from source tab

Authentication is process is initialized when user requests non public photos. The auth token is stored in a cookie (web app) or to a persistence storage (xml file).

Requirements for using Athena
flickr api and secret key is all you need to get started. You can get one free from

Builidng the source
You must have a Visual Studio 2010 express or beta to build the project.

Application showcase
FlickrXplorer - An MVC flickr photo explorer
FlickrDeDupr - - by hastarin

API on which it is built

New LINQ proivder for Flickr -

Also try other posts to get the lastest info.


If you want to contribute, feel free to contact me at: mehfuz att gmail dot com. There is always something you can contribute

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